SQ line TKP

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Φόρμα Προϊόντων (#5)
80×100, 90×120

Semi-circular shower cabin. Removable door wings on ball bearings that make cleaning easier.


  • 1900


  • Tempered transparent glass
  • Tempered chincilla glass


  • Transparent glass
    Tempered transparent glass

  • Chinchilla glass
    Chinchilla tempered glass

  • Silver profiles
    Silver galvanic coating

  • White profiles
    Powder coating

  • Magnetic profile
    Closing with a magnetic profile

  • Compensation profile
    Adjustment of standard products to your measurements

  • Easier cleaning
    The hinges sunk into the glass on the inside of the cabin make cleaning easier

  • Cleaners, disinfectants, coatings
    So that your bathroom will always be shiny.

  • Waterproof factor 1
    Shower cabin with aluminum frame