Steam saunas, Massage walls, Massage cabins

Relax according to your wishes

Steam or Turkish sauna is one of the oldest forms of body relaxation and cleansing, and its proper use helps to improve psycho-physical well-being.

The magic of water pampering

You can get the pleasure of a water massage for all bathroom sizes and enjoy a versatile and perfect relaxing experience.



  • SOLANO 1400 2f

    Shower pillar (140×17)
  • SLIM 1600 2f

    Shower pillar (160×12.5)
  • Melba

  • Aria 90 Quat

  • Sky 1600 3f

  • ZONDA Flat 1600 3f

  • Zonda 1500 4f

  • ZONDA 1500 3f

  • Zephyr 1680 3f