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Pleasant to the touch and generally resistant. Antibacterial and health friendly

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Special features


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ES – Easy Shape

Special features

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Kerrock. Antibacterial and health friendly.

Clean rooms are the most sensitive parts of medical facilities. Here it is necessary to ensure the highest hygiene standards.

Introducing the new Antibacterial Kerrock+ formula 

  • The material has a new, highly effective antibacterial additive evenly incorporated throughout its structure.
  • It is certainly a material that fully meets all the requirements for the equipment of clean rooms, especially in healthcare, medicine and pharmacy.
  • It prevents the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms on the surface.
  • It contains an antibacterial agent that destroys bacteria on the surface and thus disinfects the surfaces.
  • It is especially suitable and useful for working surfaces in healthcare and in areas where food is prepared.

Without a doubt, Kerrock is a material that fully meets the specific needs of medicine and pharmacy. Pleasant and warm to the touch, non-porous, and extremely easy to clean and maintain.

Kerrock. Because you demand efficiency.

Dental Studio dr. Čelesnik

For all sunlit buildings

Get to know Kerrock UV with a modified composition for flawless facades exposed to the sun. An innovative UV stabiliser guarantees a surface that will remain fresh longer with more lasting colours. Even when traditional facade materials start showing signs of age, Kerrock UV keeps on shining. Available in all Kerrock colour shades and suitable for all external rear-ventilated curtain-wall facades.

Kerrock facade

Optimal climatic conditions in the building in winter and summer

Kerrock facade creates optimal conditions in the building in summer and winter due to the additional air layer between the final facade cladding and thermal insulation. Due to the air space, moisture drainage is more efficient in winter. In summer, the building overheats less because the heat from the finish is not transferred to the thermal insulation, but instead hot air is dissipated through the ventilation layer.

UV resistance

Thanks to the added UV stabilizer, the kerrock material becomes even more resistant to all weather conditions and the color does not fade.

The infinite power of imagination
  • Choose a custom color
  • Any dimension and thickness of the plate
  • 3D design

A facade that will impress and shine in the long run.

Aesthetics, coherence, poetry. Melody of architecture.

Meet the family of Kerrock Tri-Vario washbasins that dance like notes along the musical notation of the architectural line. The same on the inside, customised on the outside to the installation method that suits you. Choose from built-in, semi-countertop or top-mounted. Perfect harmony vertically and horizontally. In round, oval or square design. And white.

Just why not evoke the most beautiful melody from the harmony of the interior.

For all those for whom standard measures are not good enough. And would like a custom-made washbasin.

Meet Kerrock custom-made washbasins that make desires gain their freedom and standard dimensions lose their meaning. That follow the architectural idea in both dimension and form. That approach the design with a wide variety of colour and structural spectra of Uni, Granit and Terrazo scales. Choose Kerrock Lina if you swear by straight lines. Or Kerrock Luna line with a semicircular bottom. Select custom-made Kerrock washbasins to stand out among standard size series products.

Why should your idea be confined to the dimensions of washbasins? And not the other way around.

For fireproof structures subjected to the effects of the sea and sun.

Meet the Kerrock MF material with modified composition that meets the requirements of the highest level of non-combustible MED directive (Marine Equipment Directive) and is the recipient of the IMO Certificate (International Maritime Organization). This provides superior fire resistance and as such is suitable for all fireproof structures, especially in the nautical and shipbuilding industries.

Superior quality and purity of shapes, colours and structures that also soothe demanding desires.

Thermoforming of smaller radii. It sounds complicated, but becomes simple with Kerrock Easy Shape.

Get to know Kerrock Easy Shape material, which puts Kolpa at the top of innovation among the company’s competition due to its design and functional flexibility. It enables almost unlimited freedom of expression for interior and external designers. Free design of lines that brings imagination to life. That also allows the design of rounded lines of smaller radii.

The softness of the design transformed into the true form of any curves.

Compliance of architecture with attention to help.

Meet the Kerrock washbasin adapted to the needs of wheelchair users. The lower profile and the thoughtfully designed drain allow more space under the sink and thus easier access with a wheelchair. Flawless harmony of functionality, aesthetics and attention to the people who need help but are looking forward to their independence.

Seduced by the combination of functional perfection and aesthetic harmony.

What are the benefits?


On or inside buildings – Kerrock is created to fascinate. Over its years of development, it has become the No. 1 choice of architects, designers and builders.



Kerrock is famous for its resistance to various factors, which keeps it looking new for a long time.



Design options

Endless power of imagination, reflected in the infinity of possible forms. Kerrock also surprises with the execution of extremely small radii.



Environmentally and health friendly

Kerrock boasts a high ecological awareness. This is supported by the ISO 14001 and LEED certificates. At the same time, it is known for its antibacterial activity under the plus designation.


Infinitely applicative

When it comes to usability, the word universal applies to Kerrock material. Truly, the only limit here is your imagination.