What is it made of?

Kerrock is a composite material composed of bauxite ore,
aluminum hydroxide and acrylic polymer.

Kerrock is the compatibility of aluminum
hydroxide and acrylic-based polymer binder.
Composite, smooth, non-porous and homogeneous.
The creator of aesthetics and functionality

What are the benefits?


On or inside buildings – Kerrock is created to fascinate. Over its years of development, it has become the No. 1 choice of architects, designers and builders.



Kerrock is famous for its resistance to various factors, which keeps it looking new for a long time.



Design options

Endless power of imagination, reflected in the infinity of possible forms. Kerrock also surprises with the execution of extremely small radii.



Environmentally and health friendly

Kerrock boasts a high ecological awareness. This is supported by the ISO 14001 and LEED certificates. At the same time, it is known for its antibacterial activity under the plus designation.


Infinitely applicative

When it comes to usability, the word universal applies to Kerrock material. Truly, the only limit here is your imagination.


Process of processing

Kerrock treatment

The treatment of Kerrock does not represent an additional investment as it can be treated with most carpentry machines.

Production process of an integrated Kerrock washbasin

The process of making a kerrock countertop with a drainer without the use of CNC

The process of making custom made vanity

The corner element for a Kerrock counter and the joining method with a reinforcement

Repair the most common damages on Kerrock

Processing stages of Kerrock material

Drilling and screwing 


Heat treatment