Colours of Kerrock2


Colours according to the RAL scale

We develop the colour according to the RAL scale or any other colours in a very short time (within two weeks).

UV-resistant colours

Production of UV-resistant Kerrock for outdoor surfaces. You can choose from single-colour, granite, terrazzo and marble effects.

Mechanical resistance

A surface that limits mechanical damage and maintains the appearance of new for a long time. Stains are easily removed. Age does not show in Kerrock.

Easy cleaning

Kerrock is popular for its easy cleaning and maintenance, as stains are easily removed with water and conventional cleaners.

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What is it made of?

A consistent ratio of aluminum hydroxide and acrylic-based polymer binder. Composite, smooth, non-porous and homogeneous.

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Pleasant to the touch and generally resistant. Antibacterial and health friendly.

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Kerrock special features

Just when you think it can’t offer anything more…

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Kerrock combinations

Kerrock feels great in a company. With wood, metal, glass or other composite materials.

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Process of processing

The treatment of Kerrock does not represent an additional investment as it can be treated with most carpentry machines.

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Developing RAL colours

Our production process is extremely flexible. We develop any colour of the RAL scale for an individual customer in a very short time.

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Dimensions and thickness

Sizes and thicknesses that answer every need.

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Kerrock ECO

Made in Europe and complies with environmental standards. Its ecological awareness is also emphasised by the ISO 14001 certificate.